Shailyn Cally Stubbs

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2021

Plastic pollution, oil spills and poaching, all of these things are destroying wildlife in our oceans. I am therefore using my artistic practice to highlight the importance of saving the oceans and the creatures within it.

I have developed my work in a range of medias and scale. Using colourful acrylics for said species against dark capturing backgrounds. The creatures are intended to recall infrared photography in the brightly coloured, loosely applied layered paint and the gloomy darkness of the background, highlighting the last bit of life existent in the depicted chosen creature.

I was influenced by the work of Daniel Richter here by his infrared post- Apocalyptic visions where he shows a darker, more sinister type of painting. The narratives of his work encouraged me to more cleverly embody my own concepts via media to allow my viewers to be educated and question what is happening and be encouraged to examine what they can do to make a change.

My aspirations for my practice, is for my work to tell the story of how important the natural world is. I believe an artist can make a difference to encourage action, bravery and hope, and this is what I intend for my future work.