Sotiris Dimitriu

BA (Hons) Animation and Games Art | Class of 2021

As a kid I loved drawing characters of my favourite series on blank paper anywhere I was. Through the years I was giving focus on movies with Special Effects, trying to understand more and more how the Vfx Artists were creating them. Now with lot of study I have managed to understand and create my own Special Effects with the help of Adobe After Effects, Premier Pro, Illustrator and Photoshop, Toon boom, Maya, and Blender. I love exploring different techniques of creating different kinds of Special Effects, 3D objects and Characters. The more I learn, the more I get inspired from each animation and Special Effects I create to move farther front into the creation of new ways and techniques which will help me improve my skills.

Sotiris Dimitriou - Showreel

Soritis Dimitriou - Logo Effect

Sotiris Dimitriou - Life Brief

Sotiris Dimitriou - Horror Tale Trailer