Su Devine

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2021

My practice this year offers a look into my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). My experiences are featured within them, alongside developmental pieces that have progressed concurrently. My work explores my thoughts and fears about how mental health feels and how I think people see me and other sufferers.

A number of my pieces feature concreted dolls clothes, the grey colour represents how stripped of “the colours of life” I feel. The weight of the concreted items helps to emphasise the gravitas of the subject.
I was drawn to using concrete and clothes after seeing Anslem Kiefer’s work. Kiefer does not concrete his clothes; however, his colour palette creates a similar effect. He too likes to address taboo and controversial issues.

A common phrase used is `light at the end of the tunnel`. I have depicted this phrase with my sculptural chandeliers which feature the concrete dolls dresses. Alongside gritty urban landscapes which have been influenced by George Shaw. The phrase appears to offer hope, however, depending on the day, it can look very different. Expressing my feelings artistically helps me. I hope this shines light on mental health and generates conversation.