Susana Hill

BA (Hons) Photography, Video and Digital Imaging | Class of 2021

Susana Hill was born in Harrogate but grew up in the South of Spain. In 2018, Susana moved to Sunderland to study a BA (Hons) degree in Photography. She explores self-discovery and youth through photography. Using an instinctive approach, with a combination of portraiture, still-life, street scenes, as well as creative writing, Susana tries to echo the fragility of everyday life as a young adult in an attempt to find a sense of self.   


I am up late at night. It is pitch black outside and there is a vast silence filling the room. Am I the only person who exists right now?

I look around as I’m walking down the streets and I notice everything. I see other people’s windows and the view they get from them. I follow the crowd momentarily to try to imagine what they might be seeing. How are they experiencing this moment in time?

The end of the day arrives and I get the train home. I’ve had this feeling of unsteadiness ever since I left the house this morning and ever since I moved out of home at eighteen. I wonder if my days unfolded similarly when I was younger, or has that circle been closed now?

I still catch glimpses of my childhood from time to time. Was that my adult self I saw reflected in the window today?