Theo Bolante

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Practice | Class of 2021

Filipino Culture and Folklore

My project is about the relevance of folklore creatures in contemporary times and representing the richness of Filipino culture, inspired by artists: Pacita Abad, Maria Pacheco and Chris Ofili. I was motivated through my lifetime interest in the supernatural and the urge to reconnect with my country’s diverse culture and pre/post-colonial history. My body of work consists of mixed media loosely inspired by traditional processes of Filipino craft and sculpture, encompassing current political climate about the environment and society.

During the making of my project, I researched more about the familiar folklore creatures I’ve come to know in my childhood, Over time, I began to realise the similarities between folklore creatures across different countries, reflecting on the exchange between cultures in the Philippines. In my own work, I wanted to mirror the universal idea of fictional stories; their purpose of educating children about real and frightening situations in simple imaginary explanations.