Tia Tilmouth

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Practice | Class of 2021

The World in Words

My work has always been influenced by graphic design and its fundamentals. With this project, I wanted to focus on typography itself as a visual medium.

I explored the work Saul Bass and Oscar Wilson, liking the way they use text to form imagery, an integrated part of the visual rather than separate information. Exploring poetry gave me a way to work with words in a wider context. I chose The Orange by Wendy Cope, the unique imagery each line conjured gave way to exploring a range of processes to be used as a ‘collective’ zine.

I played with my typography through mediums including screen printing, risograph, digital drawing, 3D maquettes and photography. Some of these processes being digitally refined to form part of a poetry zine. Expanding beyond this project, I would like to incorporate pattern and print to further develop my 3D maquettes and physical outcomes.