Tiana Alice Dorian

BA (Hons) Fine Art | Class of 2021

For thousands and thousands of years throughout the Egyptian period, art contained a substantial amount of Gold. The usage of the pigment was used to present power and importance, especially when it came to introducing the Gods. It came to my attention that over time the usage is no longer associated into the arts as much as it used to be. I made it my mission to explore areas within the religion physically and spiritually to help with progression of gravitating the artwork back to its golden roots.

Surfacing my productions upon medium and large scales to emphasise the potential of mighty characters. My collection consists of a range of paintings, drawings and prints all established around two main art movements, known as cubism and neo-impression. My goal was to produce a series which supplies an educational purpose of building viewers knowledge on what and who they’re exactly looking at, bringing me to widening my focal point to cover a spread of Egyptian Gods rather than just targeting a certain one.